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forex testimonials

I have trading in forex about 4 years and i have taken 3 courses from 3 different level of traders . I haven’t started consistently trading Andrew’s system yet , but plan to very soon and will post future reviews with my results. I know it’s a cliche, but I really do wish I’d discovered Andrew earlier, before wasting my money and time on the other course which cost heaps more and left me frustrated and bumbling around in the dark without the ongoing support I needed.

  • Hi Andrew, the webinar was fantastic ..the fastest 2 hours of my week.
  • I went through the DPA course notes and videos again and this time I took my own notes and wrote my own concise trading plan.
  • I will miss the information and general feeling on how the markets are going…
  • I was browsing on the Forex Peace Army website and saw the number of very positive reviews for TFTC course and decided to investigate further.
  • I have taken two previous courses that were also good, one in 2009 that was a pin bar method.

I quickly found out that knowledge is nothing without experience and that’s why I’m still on the site learning from the mentors and other members alike. I have been trading for the last 5 years and i was very confused and i couldnt improve my learning. I know i was missing some skills and needed a mentor to learn it. I saw aly’s trading style and i liked how she traded. I bought the course and i finally see improvement and the skills i lack are taught in the course and are very clear to understand. Aly’s course has really advanced my trading to the next level.

Forex Smart Trade

Treat trading like a business and whatever time and effort it takes for you to be successful, do it. If you aren’t willing to, I would say to you right now, don’t bother getting into trading. It sounds harsh but Im not here to whisper sweet nothings into your ear, my review is to let you know the reality of trading. I have been a student of Andrew’s for about 14 months. After a successful few months on demo, I progressed to a very small demo account. I then proceeded to take a break for a few months, as I had to use the trading account cash for another project.

forex testimonials

The site layout is easy to navigate with each mentor having their own blogs that they update twice weekly and with threads at the bottom for members to ask questions which are always promptly answered. There are no short cuts or push button systems, and if you are new to trading don’t expect to be making money a month after you join.

Pipcatchers1k Forex Trading Academy

I will start by reassuring everyone that I am a real person. I live in Central New York State, not far from Syracuse, and I am most definitely not a bot or a spammer or someone who was solicited to write a review for The Forex Trading Coach course. I’m just a plain everyday person who has still made no money as a trader. But when I see value and 5-star excellence, I have to share my views. The problem with trading is that emotion can take over, and based on the negative reviews on here, it appears that people’s emotions got in the way of their clear thinking, and so naturally the obvious target of their frustration is Andrew.

forex testimonials

So every trader learns something new every day by posting his trades in the forum. At some point they are then so far that they can trade successfully on their own. These people publish their trades daily, Paul and Andrew explain how they see this trade, what is good or bad about the trade. These sellers of ebooks make their living by exploiting the inexperience of people.

No Matter Where You Travel You Can Trade  There Are No Limits  No Boundaries When It Comes To Trading

"I find it to be a good check and balance to one’s own thinking to have some independent forecasts and reviews on potential currency movements. If one has to take positions in the forex market, it is imperative to have more than one perspective. "Your exposé on the Rand demands that we look critically at our strategies, taking into account the scenarios you have presented. This I believe will place us in a far better position to profit DotBig markets and increase our business in the future." But I only had one allowance for this year and I do not want to do any further foreign currency trades in the foreseeable future. If the need arises again, I will definitely make use of this service again. If I would like to get daily forecasts again in the future, I won’t hesitate to use your services, it’s been brilliant. Also well done with your spot-on analysis, been really good.

How To Make Extra Money

I’ve been trading the Forex market since 2012, I can say I was a mediocre trader at best, you know the one (maybe yourself?) good months, bad months and at the end breakeven or worse. I don’t really do feedbacks, but this is an exception, because I’m very happy this kind of software exists. It is extremely useful and helpful, very easy to use, just like using MT4 (I’d say even better in terms of user experience). The data is so huge that you can backtest as much as you want. I usually do not leave feedbacks just like that, however this simulator worth it leaving a good testimonial. I would say that this one is the best forex simulator on the market. The complete set of built-in standard indicators and drawing tools.

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